Tuesday, August 18, 2015

January 10 - 30! Bolokada's Music, Dance, Live Intensive in Guinea! There's nothing like it!

Watch this incredibly inspiring video and feel the excitement!!

Bolokada Conde personally guides you on a music and dance expedition that will move your soul!!

January 10 - January 31, 2016! 3 weeks of wow!!

Take a look at Bolo's incredible itinerary!!

  • Intensive workshops everyday led by Bolokada & Company
  • Focus on music of the great Sankaran region, Bolokada's home
  • Focus on the culture immersion, songs & folklore
  • Focus on Guinea's magnificent African ballet dance repertoire with award-winning dance troupe Ballet Soleil D'Afrique
  • Expedition to 3 villages, Bolokada's home!
  • Deep dive with late great  Fadouba Oulare's sons & family in the enchanting Faranah
  • Rare workshop with Djembe Godfather Kongbana Conde
  • Live village ceremonies & parties!!
  • Focus on Dundunba ceremony 
  • Excursions to see linke wood tree
  • Delicious cuisine and spacious, clean accommodation in Bolokada's home

We are here every step of the way to make sure you have a safe trip -- the best trip of your life! Please contact Bolokada & team now for more info, and to begin preparing for this epic experience! 

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